Ten Brilliant Actors You Might Not Remember Being Young


No matter how much talent a person has or how much effort they put in, sometimes success takes time to come their way. For instance, there are many great actors and actresses out there who have devoted their entire lives to the theater or cinema but only achieved fame at a late stage in their careers. That’s why, in our collective memory, it seems that they’ve never been young. But of course, they have!

We here at Bright Side picked out ten brilliant actors who became really successful late in their careers. So, do you still have doubts that you can achieve anything significant after your twenties?


Alan Rickman

alan rickman

It’s hard to believe that Alan became famous only at the age of 42. His big acting break came only after he got the role of the lead baddie in the first ’Die Hard’ film.


Whoopi Goldberg

whoopi goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg was 35 years old before she became popular after the success of the movie ’Ghost’.


Tommy Lee Jones

tommy lee jones

Tommy Lee Jones devoted his entire life to theatre and cinema but made it big only after he hit the age of 47.

Maggie Smith

maggie smith

Maggie Smith won her first Oscar at the age of 36, but has became better known to the world’s audiences only in recent years for starring in the ’’Harry Potter’’ films. She was 67 years old at that time.

Patrick Stewart

patrick stewart

The actor’s talent was first widely recognized when ’Star Trek: The Next Generation’ began to air on television. Patrick was 47 years old at that time.

Melissa McCarthy

melissa mccarthy

’Bridesmaids’ made Melissa McCarthy a household name in 2011 — when she turned 41.

Morgan Freeman

morgan freeman

The movie ’Street Smart’ was a game changer for Morgan Freeman, who gained worldwide recognition at the age of 50.

Helen Mirren

helen mirren

It was The Queen movie, where Helen played a leading role, that really put the actress on the map when she was 54 years old.

Ian McKellen

ian mckellan

Ian’s big break came in 2001, when he starred in ’The Lord of the Rings’ as Gandalf. He was 62 at the time.

Judi Dench

judi dench

Judi didn’t achieve great success until the age of 61, when she was invited to star in the seventeenth film in the James Bond series, ’Golden Eye’.

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